About Us.

S Tax proudly forms part of the world leading indirect tax recovery firm, VAT IT. The VAT IT group has become synonymous with providing value added solutions to businesses incurring a variety of indirect tax.

The need to simplify withholding tax.

S Tax is born from the onerous withholding taxes that are applied to entities that perform services or earn royalty income in a country where they do not have a permanent establishment [or registered entity].

We serve to simplify the application of double taxation agreements as well as provide due tax relief for our clients, where applicable.

Our years of experience, the relationship with revenue authorities globally and the highly skilled workforce ensures that our clients are always covered from start to finish in a cross border sales transaction, allowing them to focus their time and energy on growing their businesses.

The fees for our services are all success-based. This means no success = no fee. We firmly believe in providing value added solutions to our clients which means that you will always benefit from our services.


Clients we Serve