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S Tax is committed to providing our clients with solutions that allow their cross-border service business to flourish.

We assist our clients in ensuring that they receive due tax relief in the event of double taxation and that they are taxed correctly in accordance with the relevant treaties.

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What makes us different?

We are Entrepreneurs

We are entrepreneurs at heart and we understand what it takes to grow a business internationally. We provide a complete, bespoke solution that is best suited to your business and its needs.

We are Local

We have a global footprint across 40 International hubs and provide services in over 100 countries. No matter where your business sales are, we have the skills, capacity and knowledge to ensure that your business receives the withholding tax relief that it is due.

We are Professionals

Our team is made up of qualified chartered accountants, lawyers and international tax experts to ensure that you receive the highest quality service.

About Us

S Tax proudly forms part of the world leading indirect tax recovery firm, VAT IT. The VAT IT group has become synonymous with providing value added solutions to businesses that incur a variety of indirect tax.

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The need to simplify withholding tax.

S Tax is born from the onerous withholding taxes that are applied to entities that perform services or earn royalty income in a country where they do not have a permanent establishment [or registered entity].

We serve to simplify the application of double taxation agreements as well as provide due tax relief for our clients, where applicable.

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Our Services

Withholding tax is a statutory tax that is levied on a company when they are performing services in a region where they are a non-resident. The onus of collection rests with the local receiver of services to withhold a portion of between 5% to 35% of the payment value when paying a foreign supplier.

Double taxation agreements are in place primarily to determine the taxability of certain services as well as to reduce the withholding tax rates that are applied to these services. In numerous circumstances, the allocation of services as well as the application of the due withholding tax rate is not applied correctly by the receiver of services in-country.

S Tax has the experience and know-how of how to deal with difficult tax challenges in foreign markets.

Whether your business is still planning new market penetration or whether you have been dealing in a particular market for a number of years, withholding tax considerations are always at the forefront of business decisions. We provide you with a strategic partner that allows you to make informed decisions in international markets.

Withholding tax is the responsibility of the recipient of the services. Therefore, if your company receives services from foreign suppliers, you may be required to withhold tax on these foreign payments. S TAX helps you ensure that your company collects the correct amount of tax, in accordance with the application of double taxation agreements, and also provides in record time withholding certificates to your suppliers, thus limiting the risk of penalties in your local jurisdiction.

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